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Meriel Stanton-about me


Registered Psychologist, Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist, Counsellor,

Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Yoga teacher and therapist.

My professional identity and practice have evolved organically over the years through a series of natural developments initiated and fueled by not only by my interest but also by my own personal journey and development.

I have consciously chosen a somatically informed, direction to my further training  because it “made sense” and “filled in the gaps” left by my dry academic studies. Above all else it has been the addition of embodied integrative and process directed approach to therapy that has touched me and empowered me most effectively particularly when working with traumatic material. Work mindful of the body, movement, mindfulness, breath, emotions and presence in combination with skilled talk therapy have been fundamental in my growing self-awareness and healing and as such vital keys and tools for my transformation and growth. Thus I have sought out trainings to equip me to support and treat clients in a more holistic manner than traditional talk therapy alone.

I was born and grew up in the beautiful city of Edinburgh Scotland. Although I have always loved the rugged and powerful beauty of Scotland and the vital, playful and friendly character of  "my people" the Scots  I have spent the vast majority of my adult life living abroad.

Initially my travels were fuelled by a desire to explore and experience the wider world and her many cultures and terrains (in addition to quietly hungering for a few more sunlight hours than my mostly Scottish existence up to that point had provided!). Subsequently however my travels were initiated by a desire to study. I travelled to India on 12 occasions  and stayed for extended periods of time studying Yoga living and breathing yoga, meditation and mindfulness amidst the cultures from which they evolved. Additionally I have lived and worked in Germany ( 6 years) Australia (1 year) and in Kenya for 9 Months ( volunteering in  a children’s Orphanage). I have trekked high up in to the Himalayas of Nepal, travelled in Thailand Tanzania, the Gambia, Israel, Egypt and Costa Rica. I have been very fortunate to live amongst and experience cultures vastly different to my own and soak up beauty and scenery that continually took my breath away.

Indeed, I have spent much time amongst different peoples in different countries and I feeling invited and challenged to witness, join, evolve, integrate  yet simultaneously honour  where difference stands and understand and respect essential interconnectedness. It rarely been easy or effortless – but has always, always been worth the effort.


I am a nature lover and feel most at home in the “lap of nature” particularly the ocean or mountains somewhere where nature is allowed to be in all her wild majesty. I am fairly sporty and love surfing and snowboarding in addition to maintaining a mindful yoga practice. Conscious physical activity, and, unscripted family time and nature time are vital parts of my psychological and emotional well-being. 

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