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I work with adults and  couples.

Whether you just want to talk to someone neutral or struggling to get out of bed in the morning/have problems that are really troubling you you are very welcome here 

My practice is grounded in  honesty inclusivity and mutual respect.

I look forward to hearing from you :)

Denkender Mann
Denkender Mann


Sometimes we do not really know what is up with us - we just know we that we need some help finding our way though .

 Whether you wish to undertake a trauma therapy - work on developmental issues or are just feeling kind of stuck and unable to move forward ... taking that first sometimes shaky step is not easy..... but definitely worth it 


Help me to know  what it is that I need to give you so that you can give me  what I want " Terrance Real 

 Effective couples therapy necessitates  a willingness to understand  our partner's love language as well as our own . Understanding where we have come from to help us stop going where we do not want to go . Rarely comfortable - it offers a possibility to listen relationally with " cool heads and clear boundaries  rather than react and enact destructively. Learn skills - get clear on boundaries - enjoy each other again :)

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