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Yoga therapy, Meriel Stanton Zürich.

Deep Yoga & Yoga Therapy

Yoga has been a constant inspiration, companion and guide in my life for the last 29 years.

I trained originally in the ancient city of Varanasi, an intoxicating place to which I returned many times to  deepen my understanding, competence and skill in the science and practice of yoga.

I have taught extensively in many countries and diverse settings and social groups as well in wellness, educational clinical and therapeutic settings and thus have over 20 years of teaching experience.


yoga bio

I mainly teach Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga and Trauma sensitive Yoga Pranayama (breathing), relaxation and meditation.


As in my psychotherapy and counseling  work how I teach is in part dependent on who I teach and what your needs are. I am a big proponent of variations in postures to enable less able praticioners to experience the essence of a posture without compromising on their safety or incurring an injury. yoga is a wonderful tool which used well and consciously can greatly improve ones health physical and mental  and relationship one´s self and others. Practiced carelessly or without proper understanding and skill we can quickly hurt ourselves and create imbalance.


Why have I called it  deep yoga?

Deep yoga sounds intriguing and I want to evoke interest and the idea of properly entering and  inhabiting your body through a sensitive yet challenging & embracing yoga practice  – so that the yoga works for you and your body and your needs whoever you are whatever they may be. Deep in the sense – less is more. Deep in the sense – properly practiced the sence and experience of inner support and vibrancy  is wonderful.



"O friend, understand.
The body is like the ocean, rich with hidden treasures.
Open your innermost chamber
And light its lamp,
Within the body are gardens,
Rare flowers, peacocks; the inner music;
Within the body a lake of bliss,
On it, the white soul-swans take their joy."

Mirabai (13 Centuary Indian mystic and poet)


I currently offer

One to one yoga sessions

One to one Yoga psychotherapy sessions


 Deep Yoga & Yoga Therapy

  • Single 1-1 session       75 Min.         145 CHF **

  • Extended session       90 Min.         180 CHF

** more Infos see Rates

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