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I go to nature to be soothed and to have my sences put in order " John Burrows"

Nature Awe Immersion

Come paddle with me!


1:1 Paddle Immersion Sessions

Awakens vitality through  a deep and enthralling immersion in nature. What began as an endeavour to keep up my surf paddle fitness has developed into a life affirming therapeutic and much loved encounter with nature. I have been paddling at Greifensee (and on occaision other lakes in Switzerland) for almost 6 years. Spring Summer Autumn and Winter I am often  to be found, come rain, snow  or shine  once or twice week my surfboard on Greifensee. Nature Awe Sessions are have grown out of my own fascination and love of water and being in nature.

Nature Awe Sessions are

  • For the nature and adventure hungry, for water lovers

  • For the curious who have never been on a surf board but are drawn to getting out onto the water and having some fun.

  • For landlocked surfers who miss moving in an on natural bodies of water, who wish to work on their paddle technique and training and pop-ups in preparation for «the Big Blue» the ocean.


Why have you called it Awe Sessions?

When on a surfboard in the lake one is essentially in the lap of nature. It is at times deeply moving to be in and on water & simultaneously witness the majesty of nature, the surrounding landscape and backdrop of the mountains beyond. At such times one truly feels a part of it all and I have occasionally been moved to tears. I have called them Awe sessions because of this experience of awe that can occur. The play of light on the water, the movement of the water, the birds and insects, jumping fish. The snow covered mountains seem like  formidable giants in winter are like slumbering friends in the summer or  completely disappear when heavy cloud cover descends or the air is so warm and hazy in the summer so as to reduce visability.

Is it cold?

Sometimes – but with a good neoprene, gloves and boots the temperature is never a problem. When the water temperature dips below 10 degrees the sessions on the water are necessarily shorter (the body must work much much harder to keep warm)  but deeply invigorating. For health and safety reasons I cannot take clients out onto the lake in water colder than 5 degrees.

Is it enjoyable?

Without a doubt. The Scots have a phrase "pure dead magic" which essentially means absolutely fantastic!

Do I have to have my own surf board?

No I can provide you with a solid Softboard

But can you surf at the lake?

Not really but it is excellent preparation for «the real thing». Paddle fitness, feeling for moving on and in the water increases, popups and general surf movements ` and connection to water. Risk of great enjoyment.


Ability to swim  & comfortable in the water. Adventurous spirit is definately a plus!


What Do I Wear?

In Winter:  

Hooded Neoprene thickness 5/4 Gloves and booties ( and  own swimwear underneath)

Spring and Autumn:

Neoprene thickness 4/3 Gloves and booties (  own swimwear underneath )


Neoprene Thickness 3/2 (  own swimwear underneath) down to your own swimming gear depending on the water temperature and wind conditions

Neos booties and glove hire can be arranged through «Cloud9» Winterthur, telephone number  053 203 9909. Please let me know if you would like me to organise hire for you – stating clothing size and chest waist hip and shoulder measurements  plus glove and shoe size .

Added cost of 60 CHF



Awe immersion sessions  last 75 - 80 Minutes

  • 5 - 25 minute Warm Up etc

  • 45 - 60 minute led water time (Including as desired paddle basics , pop up basics, getting to know where you are paddling – where to paddle out, water currents, breathing and mindfulness on the lake)

  • Hot tea/choc or herb water ( depending on season) upon exiting the water


Regular Rates: "Awe" Nature Immersion & Paddle training

  • With Neo etc. Hire Spring & Summer 210 CHF, Autumn & Winter 230 CHF

  • Without Neo Hire: Spring & Summer 150 CHF, Autumn & Winter 170 CHF

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