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Meriel Stanton, Registered Psychologist

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Live your life!

Starting a Therapy ...

It takes a lot of courage to make that first call to a therapist and the process is sometimes challenging and /or uncomfortable. I know from my own experiences how important a nurturing, safe respectful and trusting therapeutic relationship is to one’s healing process and growth.


Whether you simply need someone to talk to and are looking for some support and /or guidance or have deeper seated problems that are getting in your way of living your life in the way you want to, finding the right therapist for you is an important first step.

How I Work


I meet you where you are and work collaboratively and flexibly with you to create a place where you can feel comfortable to be and process. In general, how I work with you depends on who you are and what you bring, what your needs are and will be synthesis of my training arising to meet your needs. Our work might entail some resourcing material to empower you to stabilize and carefully work through difficult ( e.g. traumatic) experiences.

My therapeutic approach is thus  integrative and grounded in interpersonal neurobiological understanding ( Polyvagal theory - Sensorimotor Psychotherapy )  Theory and technique from cognitive, dynamic developmental, attachment & transactional analysis  approaches are woven together with mindfulness, breath and body awareness and somatic interventions. 

However should you specifically wish for a different therapeutic modality – Rogerian counseling or Dance Movement Therapy or Yoga or yoga therapy feel free to specify and we will work accordingly.

«There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies»  Friedrich Nietzsche

Meriel Stanton Psychotherapeutin Bewegun.

Meriel Stanton

Registered & licensed  Psychologist, Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist, dance movement psychotherapist & psychological counsellor. I work in private practice near the center of Zürich in addition to online and  at Greifensee.

As a native English speaker, fluent in German - I live and work in both languages. The following pages aim to give a brief outline of who I am and the work that I do.

Online and Telephone therapy

Skype, Google meets, Zoom  and telephone therapy –  enable us to receive therapy and /or counselling from the therapist of our choice regardless where we live.


Perhaps you live in a different city or country from your therapist or prolonged trips abroad make receiving the support that you need challenging- or perhaps you simply do not feel able or want to encounter other people in a waiting room. Online and telephone therapy provide a very satisfying alternative to the traditional format.

I offer a 15 minute free taster session to help give a sense of how this might work . Please contact me for further details.

+41 (0)76 596 13 53

Methods ...

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy©

Body Informed psychotherapy and trauma treatment: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is an internationally acclaimed body informed psychotherapy that blends theory and technique from cognitive and dynamic, developmental and attachment theories, with straightforward somatic awareness and movement interventions.

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Dance Movement Therapy


Dance Movement Therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of dance and movement in therapy for promoting physical, emotional cognitive social and spiritual lintegration of individuals and systems of individuals. DMT is an arts therapy approach to healing, based on the empirically supported assertion that mind, body, and spirit are inseparable and interconnected; changes in the body reflect changes in the mind and vice versa.

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Nature Awe Sessions – Come Paddle with me!


Awakens vitality through  a deep and enthralling immersion in nature. What began as an endeavour to keep up my surf paddle fitness has developed into a life affirming therapeutic and much loved encounter with nature. Nature Awe Sessions are have grown out of my own fascination and love of water and being in nature.

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It is now well accepted  that a regular yoga practice can have a profound positive impact not only on our bodily health but our psychological emotional and spiritual wellbeing.The list is long and ever increasing and includes benefits such as stress and anxiety reduction, increased strength, flexibility, better heart, cartilage and bone health, improved posture, concentration, self-regulation. When skillfully and sensitively used as a part of a therapeutic treatment, yoga (asana, relaxation, breath work and mindfulness) is invaluable as an intervention that can facilitate a return to self, clarity and embodiment.

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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
«Inside of everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born»  David Whyte
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